Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's Sunday evening and I'm wrecked

RIA MS 23 P 16.
Page 46
I love the glosses that an Irish scribe added to an Leabhar Breac. They read something like Tweets or Facebook updates. Small notes in the margin of his manuscript that recorded his fatigue and cold as he slowly worked through the laborious task of copying out by hand an Irish manuscript of sermons and martyrologies.

On page 33 he lamented in a marginal note, "Twenty days from today to Easter Monday, and I am cold and tired without fire or shelter."

Further on he paused from transcribing a homily on the circumcision of Christ to record "I am weary both head and foot" and again on another page "alas, I am so tired!"

Still, he kept going and when the going got really tough he paused to remind himself on page 46.

"Cumain lium, a Christ, bat scribend uair, isam toirsech indiú. Noin Domnaig and budesta."

(I shall remember, O Christ, that I am writing of Thee, because I am wrecked today. It's now Sunday evening.)

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