Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rop tú mo baile - Be Thou my vision

MS G 3 f.22r
An Irish manuscript (MS G 3) in the National Library Dublin preserves an old prayer in Irish, probably composed around AD950. It’s a beautiful prayer and most readers will recognise it straight away since it was adapted and versified into English during the last century. Here is a translation from the Irish.

May You be my vision, beloved Lord; none is anything
But the King of the seven heavens

May You be my meditation by day and night;
May it be You that I behold forever in my sleep

May You be my speech, be my understanding;
Be for me; so I may I be for You

May You be my father, may I be your son,
May You be mine, may I be Yours

May You be my battle-shield and my sword;
Be my honour, and my delight

May You be my shelter and my stronghold,
May You raise me up to the company of angels

May You be every good to my body and soul;
May You be my kingdom in heaven and earth

May You be my heart’s special love;
Let there be no-other but the High-King of heaven

May You be my noble and wonderful portion;
I’m not looking for men’s privilege or lifeless wealth

To see You, You alone!
May I despise all time, all life, as a stinking corpse!

Your love in my soul and in my heart!
Grant this to me, O King of the seven heavens

Grant this to me, O King of the seven heavens,
Your love in my soul and in my heart!

To the King of all may I come after prized practice of devotion;
May I be in the kingdom of heaven in the brightness of the sun

Beloved Father, hear my lamentation,
This miserable wretch (alas!) thinks it’s time

Beloved Christ, whatever befall me,
O Ruler of all, may You be my vision.

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